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About Us

The Association of Independent Publishers (AIP) is a national organisation for advancing the interests of the local grassroots independent print media sector in South Africa. The association comprises mostly small newspapers, but it also represents newsletters, magazines and online publications, all of which are owned by local communities.

Established in 2004, AIP represents the largest group of South Africa’s small independent publications. It is a projects-driven association, but also focuses on research, policy issues and the setting of industry standards for the grassroots print media sector.

AIP members are distinct from mainstream media owned by large media groups like
Naspers, Independent News & Media, Caxton and Times Media.

There are currently 230 AIP members nationally and they are very diverse in terms of ownership, content and target audience. Many of them are one-person, home-based operations that rely solely on advertising for revenue. Others are more established with a cover price on a range of titles distributed in different cities.

AIP membership reflects true media diversity and pluralism. In a broader sense the objectives of AIP are consistent with existing policy and legislation designed to support:

  • Ownership and control of, and access to, media by historically disadvantaged communities, historically diminished indigenous language and cultural groups
  • The channelling of resources to community and small commercial media
  • Human resource development and capacity building in the media industry
  • Research on media development and diversity

AIP is an affiliate of Print and Digital Media South Africa (PDMSA) which represents the interests of the large media groups and its 700 members, and a member of the Press Council of South Africa which is the home of the Press Ombudsman.

AIP also continues to build strategic relationships with industry bodies like the Audit Bureau of Circulations, academic institutions, advocacy groups and specifically print media organisations. In addition, AIP seeks to explore converging interests with other associations and bodies representing community media in radio, television and on digital platforms.

In light of its position to engage a broad range of stakeholders in both the public and private sectors, AIP is well placed to influence policy and legislation relating to print media in South Africa.

The offices of AIP are housed with that of PDMSA in Auckland Park, Johannesburg and our Executive Director: Louise Vale, Projects Manager: Bongi Bozo and Project Administrator: Mathapelo Diokane may be contacted at:

Phone: 011 713 9614