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The Association of Independent Publishers (AIP) is a vibrant national organisation for advancing the interests of the local grassroots independent print media sector in South Africa. The association comprises mostly small newspapers, but it also represents newsletters, magazines and online publications, all of which are owned by local communities.

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Writing Gender Men in Community Publishing Forum 2017

AIP Men’s Forum discussion around gender issues, 40 men in a closed room discussing issues affecting women and men our focus in not only in the newsrooms but also in our daily professional lives

5 March 2018

Social Media training

AIP Social Media training, funded by FP&M Seta, powered by Frayintermedia, coordinated by Media 24 collaboration in skills development.

5 March 2018

Taco Kuiper workshops

The workshops were held in Polokwane, Port Elizabeth and Durban

5 March 2018

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